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I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

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Agnes Obel | Riverside

i can tell from your eyes
you’ve never been to the riverside

""It’s kinda weird to not be sleeping in your bed tonight." I like that you think so. I don’t like sharing beds typically, it’s hot and it’s sweaty and most often than not you fall asleep feeling obligated to cuddle the person beside you. It’s not at all like that with us. We laugh a lot, and giggle till finally your eyes are so heavy that the urge to fight sleep disappears. Our kisses turn into cheek pecks and finally you rolling over on your side. I like to face the wall, and you like to face the fan. I don’t need to hold you to know that you’re beside me, in fact I don’t even like to cuddle. I can do without the sweaty embrace and uncomfortable positions… but I do like to hold your hand and kiss your cheek every now and again. I like that you don’t face me when you sleep. You don’t feel obligated to hold me or touch me and neither do I. I’ve probably traced over your tattoo a hundred times while you twitch through the night. I’ve counted the knots of your spine and kissed every one. I’ve played connect the dots along your back and up and down your arms. I don’t need to touch you to feel the emotions that come with cuddling and being in close contact with another person. All I need to do is kiss your lips and run my fingers through your hair, trace the bones along your back and comfort you in your sleep, look into your eyes and kiss you goodnight. Then finally, when I’m satisfied that you’re sound asleep I’ll roll over and face the wall. We won’t touch much, but falling asleep next to you is better than cuddling. Waking up next to you is pretty cool too not only because you always want coffee like I do, but because wasting time in bed with you laughing and giggling doesn’t seem like a waste. Time doesn’t seem like a priority until finally we come back into reality and realize that the coffee isn’t yet made and class or work is approaching quickly and even though it feels like time stops when we’re together, it doesn’t. Then we go about our day, it’s nice waking up to somebody who is so playful and child like, but also curious and willing to explore every day in a new perspective. I like that you give every day a chance, and I like how happy and innocent your thoughts are."

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